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Mail Forwarding/Phonebook Service Information

What is Email Forwarding?

Email forwarding is a service that allows you to establish a address to be used as your published email address and then delivers email addressed to to the email account or inbox that you have specified. This allows you to change the place where you actually receive email without having to notify your correspondents of a change in your email address. You can change your email account from one service provider to another, forward email to your summer location, etc., while your published address remains the same. Your will also be included in the WSU Online Phonebook

How do I Establish Email Forwarding?

If you have a WSU Network-ID and an established email account then email forwarding can be enabled here:

How is my Email Address Published in the On-line Phonebook?

After you have setup email forwarding your email address will be listed in the WSU online phonebook as Your email address will be added to the online phonebook overnight. Note that all non-temporary WSU faculty and staff are automatically listed in the phonebook. WSU students are listed unless they have restricted release of their directory information.

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