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Washington State University has implemented a network access system called Cisco Network Admission Control Appliance (NAC), also known as Cisco Clean Access (CCA), that services all computers connected to WSU's Residence Hall wired ("ResNet") and wireless ("WSU ResNet") networks and the Yakama Village Apartments.

CCA helps to protect the WSU campus network by checking to see that each Windows computer has an up to date antivirus program and current operating system updates prior to connecting to the network. Malicious software such as viruses and worms can cause data loss, data theft, and can render a computer unusable and affect network performance for other users. Cisco Clean Access ensures that computers connected to the network are protected, providing all users with a safer, more secure, and reliable network.

To use CCA, Windows users must install the CCA Agent software on their computers. The CCA Agent ensures that each computer has all necessary operating system updates, automatic updates enabled, and sufficient antivirus software installed. If the computer fails to meet one or more of these requirements, the CCA Agent helps the user acquire and install all necessary components. Computers are granted full access to the network after they have been fully updated and protected.
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IP Registration & IP Requests

Yakama Apartment and Residence Halls
In order to access the WSU network, it is necessary to install an application that detects operating system version, patch level, if you have installed anti-virus software, and the latest virus definitions. See the Clean Access Pages.

Faculty and Staff
WSU faculty and staff with computers located in WSU office buildings (non-Yakama, non-Residence Hall buildings) can make the following DNS requests:
  • Register an IP address and computer name in the DNS
  • Request a new IP number
  • Change an existing computer name to a new name

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